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We would love to share our story before you subscribe to all the free resources we are bringing to our amazing high schools and students in Canada!

Our journey started when we noticed that the majority of students are not aware who their specific U.S. college and university admissions counselors are for Canada (they may also change each year) and a lot don't have access to great resources to help them navigate through the U.S. college application process. Our high school guidance counselors are amazing, however even they need help to stay informed on changes and new updates to help their students. We are indeed living in a very digital world that let's us connect in so many ways and on larger scales. We needed to bring the U.S. recruitment to Canada to tailor to the current generation, but without the distractions of advertisements and paid services. This is why we have kept everything FREE for our students and college members to participate at our webinars and marketing. This way, we get to connect more U.S. colleges and universities with more students like never before! This initiative has been made possible largely due to the generous funding and support of our Founder & CEO who is determined in showcasing to our U.S. schools why our kids in Canada are among the best in the world!

We are accomplishing this mission by organizing exciting college projects that will help students understand what undergraduate options are available to them. Each project is unique and will feature our U.S. members and their admissions counselors for Canada (we keep them updated), digital publications, invites to events, expert tips, fundraising programs and more. Please use the blue messenger icon on your screen as your main tool when searching current projects and navigating through our site resources.  

By creating a digital platform where students can understand options, connect with their admission counselors right away and find help within moments, we hope to better educate our students to make the perfect U.S. college and university decisions. In addition, we are using the power of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to encourage our community to share all our resources and U.S. member profiles with their friends, family and colleagues!

Now that you know our story, please join us by subscribing with us for FREE to begin recieving all our updates! Let's work together to give our kids the best opportunities to Connect with their admissions counselors, Discover opportunities, and Choose their perfect U.S. college and university fit. Go, Canada! 


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