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We have raised over $50K in consultation fees to help our outstanding and deserving students in Canada interested in a U.S. education from low-income families. We are happy to announce partnerships with amazing consultants who will be lending their support to help our kids in Canada! 

Bringing Peace of Mind to Maximizing Your U.S. College Applications 

Get the professional perspective on your college applications and career path

No Fees. 

We are truly blessed to partner with outstanding consultants to support deserving students—no charge!

Highly Qualified.

Our partners are reputable and have many years of experience helping students find success. 

Consultant Fit.

The perfect student and consultant fit is important. We ensure our consultants and families are happy.

What is HOPE?

A 5-step fundraising program for outstanding students interested in a U.S. education


We work with experts to raise consulting hours that students can use to help them with their U.S. college or university plan.


There are over 3000 U.S. colleges and hundreds of qualified educational consultants available. A big part of the program is to help students understand these opportunities.

Perfect Match

Finding the perfect student-consultant fit is important. We ensure that families and consultants find a great match.


College admissions can be very competitive and students should be aiming for excellence. We hope to help selected students meet the rigors of the application process and to stay competitive! 

Over $50K of funding raised and growing...

Registration Coming Soon!

This program will launch Fall 2019 for students in Canada. Don't forget to subscribe to our free e-newsletter to receive updates!

Featured HOPE Consultants

Janet McLeod

Janet McLeod

Alice Consultant

Alice Lassarrague


Alex Ellison

Jason Lum

Jason Lum

Joseph Heil

Joseph Heil

Leslie Goldberg

Leslie Goldberg

Debra Felix

Debra Felix

Jan Kerchner

Jan Kerchner

Do You Qualify?  

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