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About Us

CollegeTrackr has been designed as a digital platform for Canadian high schools and American colleges & universities to collaborate together to improve access to valuable information and resources for our students interested in U.S. education. Our mission is to better inform and educate our kids by providing FREE expert advice and tips through our online publications, events and fundraising programs. Our mission is to inspire, motivate, and empower students to connect with their Canada admissions counselors early, discover exciting opportunities and to choose their perfect undergraduate fit. Find out how we are taking the nation by storm by bringing a refreshing, exciting and fun approach to preparing students on how not only to best prepare for an Ivy league school application, but to learn about non-Ivy options that may certainly become their dream destination!

What We Don't Do

We don't charge our high schools for using our resources, attending events and participating in any of our programs.  We don't charge our U.S. college and university members for being featured on our site or projects. Instead, we use our members support, donations and fundraising initiatives to bring better tools and resources to help our amazing students in Canada!

Digital Platform

Our mission is to connect more high schools with our college & university members like never before! We know that students are always on their smartphones and accessing information in a rapid pace. They want information to be precise, quick, convenient, and fun! Our digital platform and site is extremely smartphone friendly providing that convenience – in fact, we recommend using a handheld device. We provide precise information through our college & university profiles, digital brochures and publications. They can learn about and appreciate the success of their specific Canada admissions counselors and contact them right away with any questions. Our community can share these materials quickly with their friends, family and colleagues on most forms of social media. A student can literally get all the information within moments and contact their admissions counselors without ever having to leave the screen!


Based on feedback from our U.S. colleges, universities, and high schools, we organize different projects that are important for our kids. You can view which projects are running by looking under the menu item ‘College Projects’. Each project will include relevant colleges and university members who are actively looking to recruit more students from Canada, feature exciting publications and include any upcoming events specific to that project.

U.S. College & University Profiles

Our members have expressed their interest in supporting our kids in Canada by providing us their favorite videos and their digital brochure. Our admissions counselors provide us with a quick bio on their success and an overview of their institution. We will add a Canadian FAQ sheet to each of our members digital brochures for students to quickly get answers and we will keep it up-to-date. Whether you are a student athlete, ivy league prospect or exploring other great opportunities, the U.S. College and University profile is a valuable source of information for kids!

Contact Forms

We want our students to learn who their admissions counselors are as early as possible. The few videos and detailed digital brochures are filled with important information, however, students can immediately connect with their counselors with questions. The benefits of the contact forms doesn’t end there. Every email to your admissions counselors will be accompanied by our CollegeTrackr logo. What does this mean to our members? Colleges and universities will immediately identify these emails as a message from Canada! They will be able to better prioritize these messages and help our community in a faster and more efficient way.


Our free monthly publications address important topics relevant to our students to help them better understand the college application process and their options. The publications are smartphone friendly, and interactive with videos and college & university profiles. Furthermore, students can easily share the publication across most forms of social media. These publications will be shared with high schools across Canada and available on our site each year!