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"It has been more than 187 years since Lucy Ann Wales first stood before a classroom of eager young women. Since that day Stephens College has evolved into an institution unlike any other in higher education." 


"Innovative, independent and spirited, Stephens remains inspired by its unwavering dedication to women's undergraduate education, even as it has embraced new opportunities, redefined its distinct advantages and expanded its outreach to leaders of all ages." 

 Xander Kennedy



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Inspired by its tradition as an undergraduate women’s college, Stephens College engages lifelong learners in an educational experience characterized by intellectual rigor, creative expression, and professional practice, supported by accomplished faculty, talented staff, and engaged alumnae/alumni. Graduates of Stephens College are educated in the liberal arts, informed by diverse perspectives, and committed to lives of leadership, integrity and service.



Hi! I’m Xander Kennedy.

Xander is a strong proponent of education, and specifically a Stephens College education. He received his bachelor’s degree from Truman State with a double major in English and theatre and a Spanish minor. His first master’s is in creative writing from the University of Southern California. He earned his Masters of Education in Counseling from Stephens College in 2016. Xander is also an advocate of traveling as much and as often as you can (he’s been to Guatemala, Spain, South Africa, New Zealand, El Salvador, Ireland, South Korea, Morocco, and The Gambia among many others) and as such is thrilled to work with international students. Xander is a ten year veteran of the admissions office. He has also stayed active on campus by spending time as the head soccer coach, teaching composition classes, and acting in students’ films and plays. He is proud to be one of the few honorary “Stephens Men!”

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