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"Mount Holyoke College is a highly selective, research liberal arts college for women enrolling 2,200 students, of whom 27% are international. The College is located in Western Massachusetts with easy access to Boston and New York City"

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"Mount Holyoke is consistently ranked in the top five for “Best Classroom Experiences” and is home to over a dozen of the highest rated professors. Also infamous for its beautiful campus and residence halls, The College is an extraordinary place to learn and live."

Annie Sullivan

Meet Annie Sullivan from Mount Holyoke College

Annie Sullivan is Canada's admissions counselor for Mount Holyoke College. Watch her video as she explains the benefits of a women's college for us and why students should be considering her institution. Please share her page and presentation using the social media links next to her video with your friends and family!

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Founded in 1837 and the first of the Seven Sisters – the female equivalent of the once predominantly male Ivy League – the College is recognized worldwide for its rigorous and innovative academic program, its global community with 27% international students, its legacy of women leaders, and its commitment to connecting the curriculum to career. Through its innovative Lynk Initiative, each student is guaranteed at least $3,000 to fund an internship or research experience.  

Students benefit from the Five College Consortium which brings together 32,000 undergraduate students who may cross-register and participate in co-curricular activities at the member institutions: Amherst, Hampshire, Smith Colleges and the University of Massachusetts. Mount Holyoke considers all students for both merit-based scholarships and need-based financial aid and meets 100% of demonstrated financial need.  





Hi! I’m Annie Sullivan.

I am an Associate Director of Admission at Mount Holyoke College where I help international students through the admission process from start to finish. I love working with Mount Holyoke College's robust and diverse international student population as well as the opportunity to convey the power of a women's liberal arts college experience to prospective students. As a liberal arts college graduate myself, I believe that this experience fosters transformation and life-long learning. In addition to my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology degree, I hold a Master of Arts in Higher Education Administration where I wrote my thesis on the social and academic transition international students face during their first year of college in the United States.  

Annie Sullivan Mount Holyoke College

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