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Our projects cover important topics that will help our students in Canada with their college search and applications. It's about connecting with your admissions counselors, discovering opportunities and choosing your perfect college fit!

A better way to learn about U.S. colleges and universities:

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Our experts will share their secrets and tips for each project using our beautiful digital flipbooks. 

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Learn from professionals and network with people that can help you succeed with your college dreams.

Connect with Admissions

The best way to find your perfect college fit is to meet your U.S. admissions counselors for Canada early.

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Our U.S. College Projects cover important topics and are all digital from our publications, events and expert tips. We created the projects with students in mind. It's simple - view everything on any device and share any page, webinar or publication on all social media platforms!

Helping others

Sharing the Love. Get the help you need without the price tag.

Exciting webinars with noteworthy speakers - U.S. college & university publications - fundraising programs to support students with financial need and much more! Our mission is to bring these resources to our high schools in Canada for FREE! 

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Our projects are all announced using the blue messenger on your screen. Please open and check for upcoming projects, events, publications, programs, and more. Updates will be sent in our e-newsletters, too. Don't forget to share this page with any friends, family, and colleagues using the social links below!

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