The Women's College Project (WCP)

Learn the benefits of a women's college education! 

Women's College Digital Publication:

This publication is your resource to learn all about our women's college members. Connect with your admission counselors for Canada, discover exciting opportunities and visit their unique profiles to learn more. Our mission is to support women's colleges in general and help our girls in Canada learn about benefits, while giving them more options to consider. It's important for them to find their perfect college fit!

Women's College Project
Seven Sisters Colleges

The Seven Sisters Colleges:

Who are these colleges and why should our girls be considering them? Our author dives into their history and gives her thoughts on the remaining all women's college members from this prestigious group. 

2018 Seven Sisters Webinar

Members of the seven sisters join us to discuss the benefits of a women's college education!

Let's Connect!

Are you interested in a women's college? We recommend searching our member profiles and connecting them directly. Don't forget to share this project using the social links below with friends, family and colleagues!

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