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"Scripps College is a member of the Claremont Colleges Consortium in Claremont, California."

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"Scripps students are fierce and unafraid to contribute in the world because they have been in an environment that has empowered them to embrace how truly amazing they are. Our students are able to grow as people and scholars at Scripps while motivating one another."  

Anna-Marie Wood

Meet Anna-Marie Wood from Scripps College

Anna-Marie Wood is Canada's admissions counselor for Scripps College. She joins us to explain the benefits of a women's college for us and why students should be considering her world-class institution. Please share her page and presentation using the social media links next to her video with your friends and family!

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The Advantages of a Women's College

Anna-Marie Wood joins us below with other members of the Seven Sisters to discuss her college's world-renown education and the advantages of a women's college experience.

The Claremont College Consortium

All members of the Claremont Colleges (Pomona College, Pitzer College, Harvey Mudd, Scripps College and Claremont McKenna College) joins us to share information on their wonderful consortium!


The Women's College - Claremont

Scripps is a member of the Claremont Colleges Consortium, group of five undergraduate colleges all located across the street from one another, all within about 2.5 square kilometers. Students can take up to one-third of their classes at the other colleges and major in subjects taught on the other campuses, as well as join clubs, attend events, and eat in dining halls located on the other campuses.  

Our students seek out research and internships abroad, out of state, or on campus, because they love to learn and want to influence the world. Our community values and fosters growth, which is one reason why housing is guaranteed for all four years and most students live on campus for their entire Scripps career. Living on campus is a huge part of the Scripps experience; our residence halls are where students continue the conversations that begin in the classroom and inspire each other to aim high. Our students balance leadership positions, take rigorous classes, and pursue their passions in an environment that encourages them to be who they are.  

For example, the Core Curriculum in Interdisciplinary Humanities allows them to have a shared academic experience that will help them be knowledgeable in a range of subjects and have interactions with students and faculty outside of their academic passions. They are not only in a supportive environment, but with Core, students are empowered to apply their knowledge and be active contributors in the world.  




Hi! I’m Anna-Marie Wood.

My name is Anna-Marie Wood and I am the Senior Assistant Director of Admission at Scripps College and alumna from the class of 2013.

As a first-generation college student, I was always fascinated by the college admissions process and was so excited to land my dream job working in the Office of Admission back in 2013. Throughout my seven years working in admissions, I most enjoyed traveling to meet prospective students and families, evaluating applications for admission, and ‘demystifying’ the selective college admissions process, the liberal arts, and the women’s college experience. My dedication to expanding Scripps’ reach led me to become more involved in international recruitment, and I was fortunate enough to travel to Ontario, Canada and parts of the Middle East in 2019. I am excited to continue working with students and families from across Canada and continue sharing my passion for Scripps with others!   

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