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"Smith College educates women of promise for lives of distinction and is renowned for its vibrant intellectual and cultural community. Our 2,600 students come from nearly every U.S. state and 70 countries."

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"Smith’s open curriculum allows students to choose from 1,000 courses in more than 50 areas of study."

Meredith McDill

Meet Meredith McDill from Smith College

Meredith McDill is Canada's admissions counselor for Smith College. She joins us to explain the benefits of a women's college for us and why students should be considering her world-class institution. Please share her page and presentation using the social media links next to her video with your friends and family!

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The Advantages of a Women's College

Meredith McDill joins us below with other members of the Seven Sisters to discuss her college's world-renown education and the advantages of a women's college experience. Please share her page and presentation using the social media links next to her video with your friends and family!


An Education as Unique as You Are.

Through the Five Colleges, Inc., a consortium that includes Smith and nearby Amherst, Hampshire and Mount Holyoke colleges and the University of Massachusetts, there are significant resources and opportunities, including cross-registration for classes. 

Smith graduates learn to think clearly, analyze complex situations accurately, write well, speak persuasively and adapt creatively to new technologies and changing circumstances. This combination of comprehensive knowledge and flexibility is the hallmark of the liberal arts education at Smith. Admission to Smith is highly competitive, with fewer than 20 percent of international students offered admission. Academic performance, standardized test scores, and writing ability are important factors in the evaluation.  




Hi! I’m Meredith McDill.

I have 27 years of experience in teaching, higher education administration, admissions, and enrollment management. I’ve been in international admission at Smith College for the past 9 years. I appreciate the rich contributions our students from Canada, our “neighbor to the north,” make to our diverse student body at Smith, which is comprised of 14% international students from some 70 countries.

Meredith McDill from Smith College

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