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Milena Mareva

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"Wellesley is a liberal arts college outside of Boston with a gorgeous campus, top-notch faculty, and brilliant women from across the globe. Why Wellesley?"

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"We’re taking a big breath before we say this, but: Wellesley is like no other place on earth. Our buildings are named for women. The majority of our faculty are women. When you come to Wellesley, you’re grounded in a stunning 500-acre campus that was built for women—a place that has stood for nearly 150 years as a foundation for our shared promise. We’re also 12 miles from Boston and Cambridge, a source of world-class culture, 250,000 college students, and pretty much unlimited opportunities."

Milena Mareva


Meet Milena Mareva from Wellesley College

Milena Mareva is Canada's admissions counselor for Wellesley College. Watch her video as she explains the benefits of a women's college for us and why students should be considering her institution. Please share her page and presentation using the social media links next to her video with your friends and family!

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We Are Leaders.

Wellesley is a liberal arts and sciences college that offers more than 50 majors; hundreds of funded internships around the world; and hundreds of opportunities to do research, engage with communities, and collaborate with leaders around that same world. Our professors are supernaturally talented people who are also grounded and generous and dedicated to your advancement.  

We make Wellesley possible: We meet 100 percent of calculated need for admitted students (and the majority of our students receive financial aid). Our average aid award—which doesn’t have to be repaid! — is $47,000. The result is a fantastically talented, socio-economically diverse student body. Also, there’s no fee to apply to Wellesley.  

Oh, and did we mention you'll become a part of the world's most powerful women's network? It’s global, it’s interconnected, and it is, frankly, awe-inspiring. It’s tens of thousands of women who graduated from Wellesley and want to support the next generation of Wellesley women. 

Pretty special, we think.

Partnerships: Wellesley students may cross-register for courses at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), as well as Babson College, Brandeis University, and Olin College of Engineering. Last year more than 400 cross-registered courses were available. We encourage students to seek learning in varied venues, whether that's downtown at MIT or down the street at Babson. A change of venue or tone is not only invigorating, but inherently complements the Wellesley experience, where seeing things from different vantage points is a key ingredient to broader learning and more creative insight on all issues.  




Hi! I’m Milena Mareva.

A former international student at Wellesley, I have spent the majority of my career bringing new generations of brilliant young women from around the world to the College. At Wellesley, I direct international recruitment, oversee the International Board of Admission, and manage teams working with alumnae admission volunteers. I also coordinate communication with the Student Financial Services office regarding financial aid awarded to international students and serve a liaison with the adviser of international students and scholars at Wellesley. I look forward to working with students from Canada and answering any questions they might have about Wellesley or our admission and financial aid processes.

Milena Mareva Wellesely College

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