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Canada's unique virtual U.S. college & university show with weekly episodes featuring exciting guest speakers including admissions counselors, athletics staff, NCAA coaches, Canadian student ambassadors and more!

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Helping ALL Canadians

Canadians from every corner of the country have signed up to date for our show. This show will represent our largest endeavor with a goal to provide students with an exciting resource to support all their academic and athletic goals!

Exciting free show to learn from experts.


Guest Speakers

Our speakers are all staff and people responsible for admitting you to their college. Learn directly from admissions, NCAA coaches, athletic directors, compliance officers and hear from current Canadian student ambassadors!



Learn all about their fast track programs (pre-med, pre-law, business, etc.), various scholarships, financial aid, NCAA sports, work abroad programs, campus highlights, community activities, and much more!


Your Dream College

Whether your dream is to play for the NCAA or looking for the best path to a career as a doctor, lawyer, entrepreneur, and other professions, we encourage you to join us to connect with experts, discover opportunities and choose your best fit college!

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