We survey and select popular topics our students want to learn more about when we are deciding on the theme for our projects. 

College Members

We collaborate directly with the marketing and admissions offices at U.S. colleges and universities to create beautiful profiles for Canada's admissions counselors. 

Digital Publication

Our marketing team have put together digital publications for each project which will include profiles for all our partipating U.S. colleges and universities.

Professional Articles

We partner with the country's top professional consultants to donate original articles to share with our students. You can search them by visiting our Help Center.


We host webinars with an exciting panel of speakers to discuss important areas of a project to help support our students from Canada. All registrations are FREE but we have limited seats. Check upcoming events.

Who We Are

We would love to share our story and all the FREE resources we are bringing for our amazing high schools and students in Canada!  

Our journey started when we noticed that the majority of students are not aware who their specific U.S. college and university admissions counselors are for Canada and a lot don't have access to great resources to help them navigate through the U.S. college application process. Our high school guidance counselors are amazing, however even they need help to stay informed on changes and new updates to help their students. We are indeed living in a very digital world that let's us connect in so many ways and on larger scales. We needed to bring the U.S. college and university recruitment to Canada to tailor to the current generation, but without the distractions of advertisements and paid services. This is why we have kept everything FREE for our high schools, students, and college members to participate in any of our projects. This way, we get to connect more U.S. colleges and universities with more students like never before! 

This initiative is possible in part to the generous funding and support from our Founder & CEO who is determined in showcasing to our U.S. schools why our kids in Canada are among the best in the world!  

Connect with Canada's admissions counselors.  

We keep it simple and it works. Based on feedback from students, we organize exciting college projects centered on a particular theme to help them with their college preparation. Each project is unique and will feature our U.S. college and university members and their admissions counselors for Canada (we keep them up-to-date), digital publications, invites to events, exciting speakers, expert tips, and more.

By creating a digital platform where students can visit projects, join events, read professional articles, review college profiles and connect with their admissions counselors with questions, we hope to give our students in Canada an exciting resource to support their college search and preparation. In addition, we are using the power of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to encourage our community to share all college profiles with their own network of friends, family and colleagues! 

Now that you know our story, please join our newsletter below to begin recieving all our wonderful updates. We look forward to supporting our high schools, students, and their families and welcome any suggestions on future projects and events. Go, Canada!  


Your CollegeTrackr Team  

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Welcome to CollegeTrackr Canada

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We are thrilled to be bringing exciting FREE resources to support students in Canada interested in U.S. colleges and universities. Explore why thousands of high schools and students are joining our college projects and how we are helping them identify and connect with their admissions counselors!

Find you counselor

Connect with your admissions counselor.

Did you know that U.S. colleges and universities have specific admissions experts who take care of students from Canada? They are your admissions counselors and we work with them and their marketing team to join our projects and create beautiful college profiles to best support our students from Canada. It's important to identify and connect with them as soon as possible - they will help you with campus visits, teach you about their community, their programs and answer your questions.

Discover opportunities.

Are you interested in a U.S. college or university but don't know where to begin or need help choosing your next undergraduate program and place of study? We are proud to be bringing exciting FREE resources via our college projects to help you with your college search and preparation. Each project is focused on an important topic, includes a digital publication with college profiles, professional articles written by the country's top experts, and very exciting webinars with incredible speakers to help answer your questions.

Choose your best-fit college.

It's very important for students to take their time and make sure they are choosing a college or university that will best support their specific needs and future goals. 

 Join our projects, learn from the experts and connect with your admissions counselors today! 

Featured Speakers

We are fortunate to be collaborating directly with the NCAA to support our student-athletes and the Common App to help students interested in using their application process. We look forward to working with them to provide exciting updates and joining us at our college projects!

NCAA - Elizabeth Thompson

Elizabeth Thompson is the associate director of international outreach and education for the NCAA Eligibility Center. She holds degrees in both international relations and French. During her nine years with the NCAA, Elizabeth has held various roles surrounding international student-athlete eligibility—from answering questions for NCAA member schools, students and parents, to overseeing the international academic certification process and relevant NCAA committees. Her current role educating future international prospective student-athletes and those who work closely with them on what it takes to become eligible for the NCAA and all of the opportunities in the U.S. is by far her favorite role yet.  

Meredith Lombardi

"I am currently the Associate Director of Outreach and Education at the Common App, where I engage with students and the counseling community to ensure Common App resources are relevant and support college access initiatives. Prior to joining the Common App, I worked as a school counselor at high schools in Washington, DC and Georgia." - Meredith Lombardi

Digital Publications, Articles & Webinars

We continue to build strong partnerships with experts to donate their services to support our mission.


Need expert help? Not a problem! We have partnered with the country's top professionals, authors, speakers and admissions experts to donate articles to help you. 

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Digital Publications

We transform some of our articles into beautiful publications written by our very own author who has helped students from Canada for over 35 years! Knowledge is power! 

View Publications


We partner with top speakers to help our high schools, students and their families at our webinars. Our events are FREE to attend, but space is limited. Register as soon as you can!

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Upcoming Event

Event: Miami University LIVE event for Canada

Topics: Miami University will be joining us to discuss their athletics, academic programs, community and much more! Whether you are an athlete interested in playing for a NCAA Division I sports team or interested in learning more about what great undergraduate opportunities are available to you at a top 100 institution, sign-up for FREE!

When: August 06, 2019 from 10 AM - 10:30 AM EST  

Where: Webinar via Zoom and Facebook Live 

Cost: FREE

Speakers: Miami University's Fatimata Ndiaye

Fatimata Ndiaye - I am the Assistant Director of International Recruitment and the Admission Counselor for Canada at Miami University! I grew up in Dakar, Senegal and attended Miami University for my bachelor’s degree! I loved my experience at Miami so much that I decided to come back and work for the school! Now I get to travel around the world to meet international students and help make their college search journey easier! I love introducing Miami University to international students and help them discover how the university can help them achieve their goals. Outside work, I love to spend time with my family and friends, read anything that has to do with politics, listen to podcasts, and cook. I enjoy swimming and traveling for leisure, as well. I look forward to speaking and meeting with Canadian students from all corners of the country! 

Registration Opens Friday, July 19th 2019

U.S. College & University Publications


Our marketing team have put their creative talents together to transform some of our articles into beautiful publications students can read and share with friends, family and colleagues!

Our publications are written by our lead author who has over 30 years in supporting students interested in a U.S. education from Canada and internationally. It's easy - launch the publications, flip through them and share them right away with your own network!

*We recommend a high-speed internet connection when viewing our publications

Public Ivy Publication

Who are the Public Ivys?  

Our author dives into the historical roots and benefits of these U.S. public universities.

Ivy League Publication

Who are the Ivy Leauges?  

What makes them so special? Learn their history and what makes each one worth considering.

The Beauty of Liberal Arts Colleges

Beauty of Liberal Arts Colleges

Learn about the benefits of a liberal arts colleges and why they offer a unique opportunity.

College Visits

Why Visit Colleges

Our author shares her thoughts on why families should visit their colleges before applying.

Waitlist Publication

The Waitlist

Get some expert advise on what to do when you find yourself on the waitlist.

Why I Chose A Non-Ivy School

Why I Chose A Non-Ivy School?  

There are many other non-ivy opportunities that students should be considering.

The Seven Sisters Colleges

The Seven Sisters Colleges

Learn about the history of the seven sisters colleges and what makes them so great.

Claremont Consortium Colleges

The Claremont Colleges  

Learn about the Claremont Colleges Consortium and why it's a popular destination for a lot of our students.

About Our Author 

Janet McLeod

After graduating from Havergal College, Toronto, Janet McLeod attended Smith College, Harvard University and holds an M.A. in Education from the University of Michigan, a diploma from the University of California San Diego, and guidance qualifications from the University of Toronto School of Education. Having taught English in Michigan, Barbados and Quebec, Janet became a guidance counselor in Toronto at Branksome Hall in 1975 and, later, the Toronto French School, specializing in U.S. college placements. Janet has helped students with all interests and talents find their best college and university matches in the United States, Canada and internationally.

Janet McLeod

Interested in more articles?

We continue to grow our list of articles donated by some of the top admissions experts in the world.

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Connect with your admissons counselors.

We work with the admissions and marketing departments at U.S. colleges and universities to join our projects and build beautiful college profiles to help our students find their admissions counselor. It's simple. Search Canada's admissions counselor from a U.S. colleges or university, visit their profile with us, and connect with them to learn more!

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- Sujee Kulendran I Founder & CEO  

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