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We are thrilled to be bringing exciting FREE resources to support students in Canada interested in U.S. colleges and universities. Explore why thousands of high schools and students are joining our college projects and how we are helping them identify and connect with their admissions counselors!

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Did you know that U.S. colleges and universities have specific admissions experts who take care of students from Canada? They are your admissions counselors and they should be your first point of contact for questions regarding their institution. It's important to identify and connect with them as soon as possible - they will help you with campus visits, teach you about their community, their programs and answer any of your questions.

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Are you interested in a U.S. college or university but don't know where to begin or need help choosing your next undergraduate program and place of study? We are proud to be bringing exciting FREE resources via our college projects to help you with your college search and preparation. Each project is focused on an important topic, includes a digital publication, professional articles written by the country's top experts, and very exciting webinars with incredible speakers to help answer your questions.

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It's very important for students to take their time and make sure they are choosing a college or university that will best support their specific needs and future goals. 

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Featured Speaker

We are fortunate to be have collaborated directly with the NCAA to support our Canadian student-athletes. NCAA's Elizabeth Thompson joined us for an exciting session to celebrate the success of our athletes in the NCAA and to teach us everything we need to know before we apply. To learn more about The NCAA Project, please open the blue messenger on your screen.

NCAA - Elizabeth Thompson

Elizabeth Thompson is the associate director of international outreach and education for the NCAA Eligibility Center. She holds degrees in both international relations and French. During her nine years with the NCAA, Elizabeth has held various roles surrounding international student-athlete eligibility—from answering questions for NCAA member schools, students and parents, to overseeing the international academic certification process and relevant NCAA committees. Her current role educating future international prospective student-athletes and those who work closely with them on what it takes to become eligible for the NCAA and all of the opportunities in the U.S. is by far her favorite role yet.  

Online Events

What better way to learn about opportunities than to hear directly from U.S colleges and universities? We collaborate with colleges who have expressed strong interest and support for Canadian students at our online events. They are FREE to attend, but space is limited. Register for our upcoming events by opening the blue messenger on your screen!

Past Events

International Student Experience

 It is important to visit colleges to get a better sense of campus activities and community life. What kind of support do U.S. colleges and universities have for international students including Canadians? Some of our colleges had joined us in our projects to invite international students including Canadians to share their experience on campus!

 Carter Johnson

Canadian Student-Athlete at Miami University

Digital Publications

We transform some of our college articles and projects into beautiful publications you can flip through and share with friends and family!

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Need expert help with your college preparation and applications? Not a problem! We are fortunate to have the country's top professionals, authors, speakers and admissions experts to donate articles and free live consultations to help you. 


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