Our U.S. Women's College Project is now live! 

Learn about the benefits of a women's college and meet with our wonderful members. Our webinar will feature Smith College and Barnard College!


We help students get in touch with their addmissions officers for Canada early.


Learn all about what U.S. college and university opportunities are available.



The perfect college or university fit is extremely important. Our mission is to bring better and free resources to help our kids make the right choices. 



We help students to track their progress from as early as grade 9 to make sure they are on the right track to their dream U.S. college destination.

CollegeTrackr Chat

CollegeTrackr Chat 

All our free resources from special announcements, invites to events, publications, professional help, expert advice, articles, and much more is powered by our CollegeTrackr Chat. You will find it on your screen. It is where the magic begins - don't forget to say hello to our team!

U.S. College Projects

The core of our resources for students is centered on our projects. Each one will highlight an important theme featuring our college members who have commited their time and resources to help high schools in Canada. Announcements will be made inside our messenger and our free e-newsletters!


U.S. College Webinars

Our exclusive webinars feature exciting speakers for each project we organize along with an opportunity to meet our members. It gives our students an opportunity to ask important questions so that they are on the right track to their college admissions success!

U.S. College Publications

Our publications are mobile-friendly, beautiful, and written by reputable college admission experts. They include expert advice and tips to help our students. Read and share with friends, family and colleauges.  



"Our students are consumed in a growing digital world which has absolutely revolutionized the U.S. college recruitment process. We are excited to partner with our members to better support our high schools in Canada!"

Sujee Kulendran | Director, CollegeTrackr Inc.

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