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Every student and/or athlete interested in an undergraduate study in the United States will need to apply through the admissions offices at U.S. colleges and universities. We are excited to help our families navigate this process and connect them with their admissions counselors from institutions!

Who are Canada's admissions counselors?

Each U.S. college or university will likely have a dedicated admissions counselor that support students from Canada interested in applying to their institution. Students should be connecting with them as early as possible!

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What better way to learn about opportunities than to hear directly from U.S schools at our online show?

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Study in the USA: A Guide to Canada's Admissions Counselors

This digital guide will feature profiles/videos of admissions representatives from U.S. colleges and universities with tremendous support for Canada's students & athletes. Learn more about their undergraduate programs, athletics, scholarships, admission requirements, and more!

Spring 2024 Release Date
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Need expert help with your college preparation and applications? Not a problem! We are fortunate to have the country's top professionals, authors, speakers and admissions experts to donate articles and free live consultations to help you. 


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