Who We Are

We are proudly a not-for-profit organization in Canada supporting thousands of high school students and athletes across Canada interested in learning more about undergraduate opportunities in the United States!

Our Mission.  The dream of studying and/or playing sports in the United States shouldn’t be limited by expensive consultation fees and programs.  Our mission was simple – we wanted to build a powerful resource that was free of any for-profit student services on our sites; that was accessible to every student, parent and guidance counselor from Canada; and with a primary focus on helping students connect and build strong relationships with admissions counselors from U.S. colleges and universities as early as their first year of high school.

What do we do? We organize virtual and in-person events featuring U.S. colleges & universities that have shown tremendous support for our Canadian students and athletes.  Students will get the opportunity to meet directly with the admissions counselors to learn about the latest in scholarships, academic programs, financial aid, campus developments, and more!   For our student-athletes, you will get the opportunity to virtually meet with the NCAA and their member schools to learn more about the latest in the eligibility process for Canadians and best recruiting practices.

How are we funded?  This initiative was possible due to the initial funding and support from our Founder & President. Our virtual and in-person events are completely funded by our wonderful U.S. colleges and universities. Our yearly not-for-profit programs have fees that are re-invested into the existing and new programs and resources to support students.

What are your not-for-profit programs? Each year, we listen to our network to identify opportunities to build programs that offer a low-cost and affordable resource for students to support them during their college search and preparation. All fees are re-invested into existing and new resources to support our mission! To learn more about current programs, please visit: https://collegetrackr.com/programs

Who are Canada’s Admissions Counselors?  Whether you are a student or athlete, you should be connecting with the correct representative for Canadians from each U.S. school – these wonderful people are your admissions counselors that will often times review your application for acceptance into their institution.  All our programs and events will feature them so be sure to sign up to meet them!

How do you sign up?  It’s simple.  Sign up for free for our newsletters and you will receive invitations to all our events, articles, and other exciting resources to support your college search and preparation.  We hope to see you online and/or in-person soon!

Best wishes,  

The CollegeTrackr Team