Who We Are

We would love to share our story and what our FREE and not-for-profit resources mean for thousands of high school students and their families across Canada interested in learning more about undergraduate opportunities in the United States.

We understood how important it was to bring more virtual resources to support students (and athletes) across Canada interested in learning about undergraduate opportunities in the United States. Our mission was simple - we wanted to build a platform that was free of any advertisements and subscription or for-profit services on our sites; that was accessible to any student, parent and guidance counselor from Canada; and with a primary focus on helping students connect and build strong relationships with Canada's admissions counselors from U.S. colleges and universities. We truly believe that a large part of deciding to study in the United States will begin with teaching students about their admissions counselors from institutions and encouraging them to build trusting relationships with them as early as their first year in high school.

This initiative was possible due to the initial funding and support from our Founder & President. Currently, we are completely funded by our wonderful U.S. colleges and universities.

With COVID, our services have become even more popular (and necessary) for our students, guidance counsellors and our U.S. institutions. We do believe that students will continue to use both virtual and in-person events as they make decisions about their undergraduate education and we look forward to supporting them every step of the way!

All our programs are based on feedback from students, parents and guidance counselors across Canada. We organize various programs each month and will feature U.S. colleges/universities and their admissions counselors for Canada, digital publications, articles and other exciting guests speakers. The goal is to teach our students who their main point of contact is from an institution and encourage them to build on that relationship throughout their high school years up until application time.

By creating this digital platform where students can easily join virtual events, read professional articles, review college profiles and connect with their admissions counselors with questions, we hope to provide an exciting resource to support their college search and preparation. In addition, we are using the power of social media to encourage our community to share our college's profiles with their own network of friends, family and colleagues! 

We hope to see you online!


The CollegeTrackr Team