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We organize exciting events and partner with great speakers to help support our high school counselors, students and their families in Canada. All events are FREE to register!

Any upcoming event will be counted down here, announced in our e-newsletters and found in the blue messenger on your screen.


Here's how our webinars are organized:


U.S. College Project

A prerequiste to all our webinars is the launch of a U.S. college project.



We survey our high schools and families to identify the best speakers that will support their questions.



Our webinars are powered by Zoom and information will be available in our e-newsletters, this page and in our messenger.

What can you expect?


We use the popular Zoom application to host our webinars. It's simple and mobile-friendly. Watch the webinar in almost any device!


All webinars will have a Q&A for high schools, students and their families. If we do not have time to answer all questions, we recommend visiting that college's profile on our site and connect with them directly!


A quick survey will be sent to all attendees along with any relevant content such as a recording of the webinar, hand-outs, and free publications to support you! 

We will send announcements in our e-newsletters as soon as a U.S. college project and event goes live. All our upcoming events and registration information is also made available in the blue messenger on your screen. Feel free to send us a message if you have any questions! 

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