The Advantages of a Women's College

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In collaboration with the world's most prestigious women's colleges and the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), we are happy to be promoting the benefits of a women's college undergradate education including athletic opportunities to our brilliant young Canadian women!

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Why choose a Women's College?

What makes an all women's college so special? It's hard to match the benefits of attending a women's college. Graduates enter the workforce with the strength, self-confidence and background to become leaders in their chosen field. Attendees at a women’s college grow into unique individuals who can truly challenge themselves and showcase their talents in a world that is sometimes dominated by men in power. In the company of like-minded women, you'll benefit from powerful role models, small class sizes, strong academic programs, and professors dedicated to your achievement.  

Canadian women are truly among the brightest in the world, and we hope they will consider the benefits of a women's college by learning about the success of these amazing institutions that have joined us to support you. 

Together WE can change the future of women's rights and equality. It starts with a great education!

NCAA Division III Sports

All but one of the women's colleges are members of NCAA Division III sports. We are glad to partner with the NCAA Inclusion department to discuss their support for our Canadian female student-athletes. The Vice President of NCAA Division III joins us to teach us more on the differences between the divisions and to share the wonderful world of Division III sports.

Dan Dutcher - Vice President of NCAA Division III

Dan Dutcher 

Vice President of NCAA Division III

Women's College Digital Publication

Take a look at our beautifully crafted digital publication with information on all participating women's colleges interested in supporting our young women from Canada. Lauch this publication to flip through profiles of our women's colleges, past event videos and share with family and friends!


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