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Canada's 6 Step Student-Athlete Program

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Meet Elizabeth Thompson

Associate Director of International Outreach and Education & Strategic Partnerships

"A big shoutout to [CollegeTrackr Canada] and everything they are helping facilitate and get out to Canadian students to help navigate this process"

Source: 2021 NCAA Presentation for Canada

2021-22 NCAA Eligibility Guide for Canadians

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NCAA's latest presentation is full of important details, updates and instructions for Canadian student-athletes. Once you sign up, this will be your first step to getting started with this program!

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NCAA Profile Page

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NCAA recommends our Canadian student-athletes as early as grade 7 build a free NCAA profile page. If you haven't already, sign up for your profile today!

Certification Account

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The next big leap will be to transition your NCAA profile page to a certification account to be officially certified and allowed to take official visits and sign a commitment. If you are in grade 11 or 12 and ready, sign up now!

Promote Yourself

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The NCAA recommends that student-athletes promote themselves directly to coaches. We are thrilled to announce a not-for-profit initiative to assist student-athletes build beautiful web pages to support them until the end of their high school graduation!

Meet NCAA School Staff

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We are absolutely thrilled to announce the season premiere of the NCAA Sports and College Show for Canada that will allow families to meet NCAA school admissions and athletics staff!


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All prospective student-athletes will need to apply to admissions offices at the NCAA school they are interested in attending and playing college sports. Visit their site and contact their international representative for Canada to learn more!

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