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Ivy League Publication

Who are the Ivy Leauges?

What makes them so special? Learn the history and what makes each one worth considering.

Public Ivy Publication

What are the Public Ivys?

Our author dives into the historical roots and benefits of these to U.S. public universities.

Why I Chose A Non-Ivy School

Why I Chose A Non-Ivy School

There are many other non-ivy opportunities that students should consider.

College Visits

Why Visit Colleges

Our author shares her thoughts on why families should visit their colleges before applying.

The Beauty of Liberal Arts Colleges

Beauty of Liberal Arts Colleges

Learn about the benefits of a liberal arts colleges and why they offer a unique opportunity.

Waitlist Publication

The Waitlist

Get some expert advise on what to do when you find yourself on the waitlist.

Athletic Scholarships

Athletic Scholarships 

What parents and students need to know about applying as an athlete.  

The Seven Sisters Colleges

The Seven Sisters Colleges

Learn about the history of the seven sisters colleges and what makes them so great.

Our U.S. College Project Publications

All our college projects are organized into beautiful flipbooks for students to view and share with their friends and family. Learn more about your admissions counselors, watch their videos and connect with them via their unique profiles. We continue to add new members to each project, keep them up-to-date and share it with our growing network of high schools and students each year. We look forward to organizing more projects and we continue to enjoy the great feedback we get from all our amazing students from Canada!

NCAA Athletics Cover

The NCAA Athletics Project

Learn what you need to know to succeed as a student-athlete from Canada interested in the NCAA!

About the Author

Meet the author behind our publications.

Janet McLeod

Janet McLeod

After graduating from Havergal College, Toronto, Janet McLeod attended Smith College, Harvard University and holds an M.A. in Education from the University of Michigan, a diploma from the University of California San Diego, and guidance qualifications from the University of Toronto School of Education. Having taught English in Michigan, Barbados and Quebec, Janet became a guidance counselor in Toronto at Branksome Hall in 1975 and, later, the Toronto French School, specializing in U.S. college placements. Janet has helped students with all interests and talents find their best college and university matches in the United States, Canada and internationally.

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